Are you considering a career change to yacht sales? Perhaps following your passion for boats, fun in the sun, and life on the water is exactly what you have in mind. Many people have decided to pursue new endeavors as we reach the end of year 2 in this pandemic and a turning point of how we live, work and play. About 4 million Americans have quit their jobs according to the US labor department in search of new opportunities. If you love boating and have always dreamed of making your hobby a profession, this is the time to make that career change and follow your passion for yacht life.  

Follow Your Dreams

Imagine that your office is now remote, and you could talk with like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about the world of boating as you are. Each day brings a new learning experience showing a variety of yachts for sale to different people who all have goals and dreams of buying the perfect boat to fit their lifestyle. It takes dedication, excellent communication, and most of all a passion for the yacht industry to be successful in boat sales. If you are just getting started in boating or you have dreamt of this career for years, there is no better time than now to follow your dreams.

Work-Life Balance

Living and working in a world where you can control your own terms is possible, and easier than ever. Work and life’s activities need both balance and flexibility for personal time and earning those dollars. Our careers play a big part in how we manage all aspects of our lives. Hard work is inevitable, remote work and flexibility have been shown to improve work activities. Family and friendships all play a big part in our lives, and having the ability to balance everything is equally important to not only our health and family but productivity in the workplace.

Personal Growth

A career in yacht sales offers the ability to grow your soft skills which further personal growth too. In the yacht world communication is key to building relationships and making dreams a reality. It’s never a dull day and every interaction is unique. Exploring new places and interacting with other professionals, Bay Yachts Crew, yacht owners, and protentional buyers brings new experiences that are exciting, fun, and foster your expertise in the industry. These experiences lead to more skills and personal growth that provide the guidance to match the buyer and the vessel they desire.  

 Earning Potential

Working on a commission basis has its perks and you won’t be limited to how much you can earn. California does require a yacht salesperson to be licensed and the applicant must be sponsored by a licensed yacht and shipbroker, however, the earning potential will be worth the time and attention. Online data from Comparably shows Salary Ranges for Boat Salesmen is between $66,227 and $166,859 in the United States, with the top performers making $368,332. Nevertheless, earning potential doesn’t stop with the sale of the boat. When you build the relationship with integrity the prospect of repeat clientele will improve and so will your earning potential.

 Truly understanding your passion for yachts and yacht life will strengthen your working relationships. In turn, reap the rewards of not only earning your true potential but also living and working for something you love. If you’re seriously looking to make the change, contact our broker, Marc Bay, CPYB, he’s a wealth of knowledge in the industry and always looking for people who are driven and passionate about boating and life on the water.  You can reach Marc Bay via email or give him a call at (209) 469-4600.