Are you pondering the idea of listing your yacht? While selling your yacht can be an overwhelming task, we can create the right strategy and make the sale a more enjoyable experience. We will make the process more efficient and successful by connecting the right buyers with the sale value of your investment.

 Experience Counts

A plan to market your yacht is the key to a successful sale, and experience counts every step of the way. Our Broker, Marc Bay, is a Certified Professional Yacht Broker with CPYB. The certification is internationally recognized: measuring the skills, abilities, and performance of yacht sales professionals with continuing education, so you know you are working with an experienced broker. We are licensed and bonded in California and Florida – the only states that require a broker license. Our expertise and process are unique: planning, advertising, negotiating, and closing the sale to the right buyer with ease. We’ve been selling yachts for more than 26 years – we work hard because we love what we do.

 Pricing Matters

We understand the market and have a network of qualified professionals every step of the way. Understanding the value of your vessel is imperative to selling it quickly and to the right buyer. When estimating the value, we factor in the features along with the most recent boat sale prices and market reports – it is a data-driven decision using top industry sources. We use this as a talking point with the seller to arrive at a realistic price.

 Qualifying Buyers

We have built great relationships over the last 26 years in the yacht industry and with yacht owners – many boat owners seek our expertise. Understanding the features and type of vessel the potential buyer is seeking is also essential. A buyer profile provides in-depth knowledge of what the qualified buyer intends to purchase. We prescreen responses from potential buyers via advertising or in our professional network and communicate all offers to the seller.

 Negotiation Strategy

Negotiation is the most critical part of the selling process because it can make or break the sale of your yacht. We will provide recent sales comparables that show similar vessels that establish the value to the potential buyer. We know how to communicate and structure the deal so that small obstacles do not become unattainable. We provide an element of insulation between the seller and the buyer to create simple solutions that work for both parties. In addition, we will safeguard the funds received in an escrow account while we move into the closing arrangements of your vessel.

 Closing Arrangements

Now comes the paperwork and the transfer of funds – the best part. Paperwork can be the most daunting piece, and we have it down to a science. We will draw up sales agreements, accept deposits and designate the final transaction to close the sale. Moreover, in conjunction with a documentation company, we will show proof of ownership and authentication of the boat’s origin with USCG (if it is documented with the United States Coast Guard). In addition, we can assist in directing the new buyer with finding the resources for sea trials, scheduling surveys, and suggestions for captains’ lessons and boat safety. We want to ensure the new owner can safely operate and find years of enjoyment with their new yacht.

 Listing your yacht is more than a financial transaction – building relationships and our passion for yachting are invaluable. Making Dreams Reality is our motto, and we want to ensure the potential buyer finds the yacht of their dreams and the seller gets the best value.

 Bay Yachts is devoted to conducting business with integrity, dignity, and the highest standards of professionalism. Let our experienced broker and sales team plan, position, and assist in pricing, so we can sell your yacht with ease and gain you top value for your vessel. 

 Are you ready to List Your Yacht with Bay Yachts Inc.?